Consignment Contract


Initial Assessment:

  1. Consignor must remain on the premises for the duration of the Initial Assessment.
  2. Front & Company reserves the right not to select any item for consignment. Items not selected will be returned at the end of the assessment.
  3. Unselected items not retrieved by the Consignor on the same day will be disposed of with no recourse for any loss.

Sales Protocol of Selected Items:

  1. Selected items will undergo appraisal and will be entered in the Consignor’s account.
  2. These items will be contracted with Front & Company for a maximum of six months, with a selling period of at least 60 days. Within this period, Front & Company will determine the most suitable timeframe for selling the items.
  3. Items typically remain on the sales floor at the appraised price for up to 30 days; thereafter, unsold items undergo a 20% markdown and remain available for an additional 30 days. Front & Company reserves the right to markdown items due to unforeseen flaws or damage, during special promotional events, and/or at the end of a season.
  4. Front & Company hold no liability for stolen or damaged items.

Authentication and Ownership Verification:

  1. Consignor must confirm both legal and beneficial ownership of all items and asserts absolute rights to consign them.
  2. Consignor must guarantee the authenticity of their items.
  3. Front & Company reserves the right to return any items that cannot be authenticated at/after initial selection. A $50 processing fee will be subject to the Consignor upon retrieval of such items.
  4. Consignor must collect these items within one week of notification, or items will be disposed of without recourse for any loss.

Item Withdrawal and Contract Cancellation Terms:

  1. Any removal of items from the account at the Consignor’s request during the six-month period is subject to a $5 processing fee per item.
  2. Removal of all currently consigned items at the Consignor’s request results in contract cancellation and is subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Payment for Sold Items:

  1. Upon Sale, 40% of the proceeds go to the Consignor’s account, payable by cheque or store credit. In the case of store credit, the Consignor receives 50% of the proceeds.
  2. The Consignor is responsible for claiming their share of the proceeds. Any monies not collected within six months of sale are relinquished to Front & Company.

Procedure for Handling Unsold Items:

  1. Unsold items will be earmarked for donation after their designated selling period unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Upon the Consignor’s request, unsold items can be reserved for pickup.
  3. The Consignor must collect items within one week of notification. All items left uncollected will be donated without discrimination. Subsequently, any future unsold items from the Consignor will be donated without prior notification.
  4. Donated items will be sold at Front & Company’s Rummage Sales, and the proceeds, minus expenses, will go to designated charities. Any remaining unsold items, will then be donated to a non-profit organization.

Terms of Contract:

  1. The Consignor is accountable for verifying the accuracy of their contact information, updating current records, and ensuring the provided email address can receive correspondence from
  2. The terms of this contract may be updated periodically and will be binding. Continuing to consign items at Front & Company signifies agreement to the latest contract terms. The current contract terms are accessible on our website and can be provided upon request.
  3. This contract replaces and nullifies any previous contract for your Consignment Account with Front & Company.


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