Our Story

The “Front” story began in 1993 in a small shop space at 3746 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here we began selling quality consignment clothing, affordable antique collectables and elegant vintage jewelry. While the space was small, the environment was supportive and many long-standing relationships were formed with what are now 5,000+ consignors. In response to a growth in customer appreciation, consignor confidence and neighbourhood support, our quaint 700 sq ft boutique was set to expand.


In 1998 we travelled northbound, albeit just a few short steps to 3742 Main. We expanded our consignment clothing business and started to carry more contemporary accessories and trend-setting styles. In the meantime, Main Street was evolving into the cutting edge of local fashion as young independent entrepreneurs came on board. The district naturally shed its Antique’s Row reputation to form its own identity as Mid-Main.


Always in search of inspiration, the decision was made to bring on the new! We broadened our accessory lines to include hats, bags, footwear and more. Goodies for baby, fun gifts and interesting items for home and to pamper soon followed. Ever evolving, in 2001 we underwent another rite of passage into 3772 Main, which became the headquarters for everything concerning consignment clothing. Determined to stay youthful, the newest addition to our family is crisp, current, and contemporary.


After a fire in the largest of our three stores, we turned adversity into opportunity by renovating and expanding even further in 2008. Our consignment store is now twice the size that it was originally to allow for even more delectable finds in a completely revamped atmosphere. We’re bigger and better, even while we keep the same neighbourhood “Front feel”.


We hope that over the years our evolution continues to show our commitment to our dedicated consignors and loyal customers. With our renowned window-displays, we vow to continue to entice those in our fast-paced world to slow-down. Stop if only for a moment.

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