• We do not buy items outright.
  • Appointments are required to consign with us.
    • A maximum of two shopping bags of clothing can be assessed per appointment. No items on hangers, please! 
    • Assessment typically takes 15-20 minutes per appointment. Please keep in mind that if we can't look through the volume of items you've brought within this timeframe, you may be asked to book another appointment on another day. 
    • Appointment slots are limited to one per consignor per day. Please do not book multiple appointments to bring in more than two bags at a time. 
  • We typically do not start consignment accounts for a single item. Please bring at least a few items with you to be assessed.
  • Anything not selected will be returned immediately. We do not offer donation services and cannot hold items overnight. You must remain in the area until your items are done being assessed.
  • Consignors are required to sign a contract.
    • The account holder must be on the premises in order to start an account. We cannot start an account for someone who is not physically at their appointment.
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